Certified Holistic Health Coach in NJ
Certified Holistic Health Coach NJ

One of the over speakers was Kelly Carnes, she is a marketing representative for Memphis Meats.

Have you heard about this new and ​fascinating innovation about producing meat from animal cells? If you haven't check out their website here:

        More amazing vegan and vegetarian appetizers and desserts!                                          They are also decorated with edible flowers!

Take a look at all of this beautiful, and delicious vegan and vegetarian food that has been served at the event!

 1. Plan your meals on the weekend as much as possible.

Go to Pinterest or a vegetarian and vegan food blog and save recipes that appeal to you. Write your grocery list, go shopping and dedicate some time on Sunday to precook some foods ahead of time, such as quinoa, beans, brown rice, chickpeas, and soup. It will help you to assemble some easy quick meals on the go all week long.
Make sure to have a healthy snack with you to avoid impulse buys. It will also help you to save money and give you more control over your and your family’s health.
(Nuts and seeds or veggies with hummus is a great option)

 2.   Have one vegetarian meal a day

It’s easy to overdo meat by having it with each of our meals, so try to have 1 vegetarian meal a day. A smoothie with berries, seeds, protein and good fat. Gluten-free oatmeal or quinoa with nut milk and berries for breakfast is fantastic!


We also got to enjoy a beautiful performance, by two young and talented dancers from  The Dance Institute of Washington

A big thank you for these beautiful pictures goes to Ashley Adams from Chicville USA who did the styling and shot the event. She is a natural talent and a true artist. If you want to take the aesthetic part of your event to another level of perfection you should check out her website here.

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to the“Bites with a Purpose event” in Washington DC, hosted by Camilla Bache-Mathiesen Founder of “Purpose with Pepper".

The event was to raise awareness when making conscious food choices to improve our health by helping our planet and everyone living on it.

When we are looking for ways to improve our health, to preserve our planet, help the hungry, protect animal welfare or whatever it might be for you, food is a good place to start.

It might be hard to believe, but livestock is responsible for about 51% of greenhouse gas emissions. That’s an astonishing number, but that number can be significantly lower if we as humans do our part to minimize that. And the best way to do it is to consume more plant based food. That does not mean that you must go vegan or vegetarian, but cutting it down can make a huge difference!


Avocado, hummus, and tomato on Ezequiel toast or salads with roasted chickpeas for lunch.
Vegetarian lasagna, black bean, lentil or carrot soup for dinner.
There are also a variety of vegetarian and vegan cafés and restaurants that have this cool and modern feel and makes both your gut and your heart happy. 
The options are endless and there are tons of blogs and websites out there that provides you with great recipes

3.   Create a habit

When it comes to food and your lifestyle- Habit is a KEY in making sustainable changes. It takes approximately 3 weeks to create a habit, but you have to be consistent. It´s not about cutting it cold turkey, rather implementing small changes, that can have a big impact on your health, your life, and our planet.
Whether you are trying to cut down on meat and replace it with plant protein, eat more often and more veggies or whatever you try to do, do it in small steps.

Try to implement one new habit at a time and go slow. Chances are, if you are consistent enough, that those habits will stay with you for life. 

Here are some more pictures with other guests!

So here I am sharing three methods on how to make conscious choices when cutting down on meat every day:

Certified Holistic Health Coach in NJ
Certified Health Coach NJ