The Institute for Functional Health Coaching

This school is giving me tremendous support in coaching others and teaching me to be a better coach.​​

I know I came a long way, and I can tell you from the bottom of my heart….it’s so worth it!!!

What are your challenges, what have you tried to help yourself? Are you still hitting those roadblocks, no matter where you go and what you do?

Let me help you to achieve a wellness you have been wanting to achieve! 

My Goal is to Educate you, Inspire, Guide you and Empower you to get to the bottom of the root of your health struggles. Addressing symptoms isn't gonna get you the results, getting to the root cause WILL!

​- Jurgita Caballero

Additional education

Mentored by Andrea Beaman in Practice of Alternative healing” in the following areas:

  • Ancient Art of Visual Diagnosis
  • Herbs according to the 5 elements
  • Emotional and Spiritual Diagnosis and Chakra Healing
  • Organ and Meridian Assessment 

The School of Applied Functional Medicine 

Here I am learning a functional medicine approach to support my clients in getting to the true root cause of their health concerns. 

​about me

For the first seven years of my life, I was very sick. Being put on antibiotics for the first 7 years of my life led me to many other health issues down the road...

Growing up, I had to watch those around me struggle with their health; including watching my mother battle cancer, and battled with my own weight issues - at one point being more than 40 pounds overweight, trying every diet in an attempt to get a grasp of the situation. 

Growing up in Europe, I did not grow up on fast food,but potatoes were a staple in our diet and how I loved them! I lived on candies, chocolates, and all the other ”tasty food.” This way of eating, made me feel sick, but I didn’t make the connection at that time.

I used to stress over things that made no sense at all and then when things weren’t as expected, my comfort was food. Every day I would say to myself: “That’s it”! “From tomorrow I will not eat this” Tomorrow would come, then Monday, then the next month, then January 1st. It became a vicious circle. Just 3 days into my "new eating" I would go crazy, it would affect my mood and then everyone around me would suffer. I thought that I just don’t have the willpower, I couldn’t fit into those skinny jeans that my friends were wearing no matter what I did, and I was so uncomfortable living in my own body. Looking at the mirror was like looking at my enemy.

Despite all of what I felt I would go back to eating even more….I would get sick every season of the year, had to deal with constant headaches and acne, I would feel tired all the time and never wake up fully rested.

If you are a health coach and need more training in coaching and mentorship, I highly recommend checking into these courses! Please use my affiliate links to the right and below!

Note: I only recommend these school, because I really enjoy the learning and can assure you that the training that you will get will be a game changer for you and your career!

At one point I was sick of being sick and this was the beginning of a new ME. 

I took a new approach and started losing unwanted weight slowly.That got me excited! My taste buds changed. I wasn’t craving for foods that I was craving for any longer and I lost all that weight and was extremely happy. Well, going from size 14 to size 2 is kind of a big deal. Don’t you think?

Even though my weight was under control, my health wasn’t that great and it took me another 10 years to start addressing an underlying cause of my health issues. 

Certified Holistic Health Coach in NJ
Certified Health Coach NJ

My biggest joy in addition to my 2 children is helping people feel their best and stay healthy!

I LOVE food, but who doesn’t? In fact, I think most of us love food way too much and once, I was that person…

Even though I am now a Certified Holistic Health Coach, live a healthy lifestyle, and stay in great shape - all while being the mother of two - there was a time when I really struggled.

​Hi! I am Jurgita Caballero your certified holistic and functional medicine health coach.

Starting my career in interior design, I decided to start an online boutique.  I was like most people struggling with my health most of my life.  I decided to become accountable for my health and happiness because being in charge of your health means having the power to control your happiness.

Like everyone, I have my story and it is a successful weight loss story which I am thrilled to be sharing with you!

Then I had my true AHA moment when I came across this quote:

MY education

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“Let Food be thy Medicine and Medicine be thy Food.”

​​Now I am living my true passion by helping peopleto find their true WELLNESS  through the power of whole foods and sustainable lifestyle adjustments.

I am also a mother of two and a wife to an incredibly supportive husband who helped me wholeheartedly to achieve my Goals!

I wanted to be healthy and enjoy life. I knew I was already on the right track. I wanted my kids to be healthy and to know the power of whole foods! That is when I became a Certified Health Coach.

​Now I am healthier than I ever was, happy, and have maintained my ideal weight for over 16 years.  I have learned how to understand my needs and maintain my health without having to sacrifice food I love. I learned how to be thankful for what I have or who I am. I learned to enjoy good and accept challenges that came my way. I learned to say “no” when I can’t. I stopped stressing over things I have no control over and redirected my energy to positive things and thoughts.

I took small steps to educate my family and I am so proud of them. I introduced them to a whole new pallet and now together we enjoy our family meals like never before. They learned to look at the labels and understand how sugar, artificial colorings, additives, and all the other unneeded ingredients do to their young bodies. I can’t forget about my husband, who is my biggest advocate, he has seen a tremendous change in himself and his body, from losing weight and maintaining, to having more of energy.

 I Graduated from Institute for Integrative Nutrition®, world’s largest Nutrition School.I was trained by world’s leading doctors and advocates and studied over 100 dietary theories including unique coaching skills. With my knowledge, I will help you create a personalized “roadmap to an ultimate health” that is designed specifically to your unique body, lifestyle, your needs, and goals.​​

Getting Healthy is Team Work!

MY Story

Certified Holistic Health Coach NJ
Certified Holistic Health Coach in NJ